English Grammar - Part 6

Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given:
1. Bernard Shaw was a person who never smoked or drankalcoholic drinks.
(a) playwright
(b) dramatist
(c) teetotaller
(d) iconoclast

2. I am one who believes that everything will end up well. 
(a) a pessimist
(b) an optimist
(c) atheist
(d) fatalist

3. One word for a person who collects stamps is
(a) philanthropist
(b) humanist
(c) philatelist
(d) curator

4. Honesty is _____ best policy.
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the
(d) some

5. A trouble-shooter is one who
(a) provokes people to fight
(b) helps to settle disputes
(c) hates women
(d) hates mankind

6. He had switched off all lights and fans _____ he went out.
(a) before
(b) when
(c) while
(d) after

7. The opposite of 'appoint' is
(a) refuse
(b) reject
(c) disappoint
(d) dismiss

8. The young one of a lion is a
(a) kitten
(b) calf
(c) cub
(d) kid

9. A synonym for anger is
(a) ire
(b) fire
(c) quarrel
(d) fight

10. You should have given up smoking if your doctor _____ you to.
(a) advised
(b) advises
(c) will advise
(d) had advised

11. The patient is _____ better today.
(a) fairly
(b) rather
(c) more
(d) most

12. On account of his inefficiency, the officer was _____.
(a) depromoted
(b) denoted
(c) demoted
(d) evicted

13. He is always obsessed _____ money.
(a) by
(b) on
(c) on
(d) with

14. He seldom comes here, _____?
(a) did he
(b) does he
(c) doesn't he
(d) isn't it

15. He is the boy _____ is first in his class.
(a) who
(b) that
(c) which
(d) as

16. At the last moment backed out of the contract.
(a) supported
(b) Proposed
(c) accepted
(d) withdrew

17. We were held up for half an hour because of the rains.
(a) entertained
(b) delayed
(c) detained
(d) drenched

18. No sooner had the rain stopped _____ we resumed the journey.
(a) then
(b) than
(c) when
(d) as

19. Hardly _____ move from bed
(a) can he
(b) he can
(c) he does
(d) he did

20 _____ is one who studies the sky and the stars.
(a) an astrologer
(b) an astronomer
(c) an architect
(d) an artisan

21. He jumped _____ the water and started swimming
(a) in
(b) into
(c) at
(d) on

22. _____! there is a snake on the last step.
(a) look for
(b) look into
(c) look out
(d) look at

23. I have been suffering from fever _____ four days now
(a) for
(b) since
(c) from
(d) until

24. You should tell me what _____.
(a) should I do
(b) did I do
(c) I should do
(d) should have I done

25. Shyam is getting _____ day by day.
(a) strong
(b) stronger
(c) strongest
(d) strength

26. He has no _____; he demands bribes.
(a) conscience
(b) conscious
(c) consciousness
(d) constancy

27. The idiom ill at ease means
(a) feel comfortable
(b) feel unwell
(c) feel happy
(d) feel uncomfortable

28. A man whose wife is dead is referred to as a
(a) bachelor
(b) spinster
(c) widower
(d) widow

29. As the respondent failed to appear in the court, the judge decided the case _____.
(a) ex parte
(b) dies non
(c) ex officio
(d) per se

30. One word for a person who does not believe in God is
(a) theist
(b) pessimist
(c) atheist
(d) hedonist

31. I _____ him a telegram only three days ago.
(a) have sent
(b) had sent
(c) sent
(d) would send

32. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom a good Samaritan.
(a) a fighter for a good cause
(b) a person who gives sympathy and help to people in trouble
(c) a person who undertakes burials
(d) a person who works hard

33. Pyrrhic victory means
(a) victory that was worth winning
(b) victory that was costly
(c) victory that was not worth winning
(d) victory that brings eternal glory

34. Neither Hema nor her sisters _____ attended the function.
(a) have
(b) has
(c) is
(d) are

35. One of the players _____ injured during the match.
(a) were
(b) was
(c) has
(d) had

36. Milton was born during the _____ of James I
(a) rain
(b) rein
(c) reign
(d) rhyme

37. He said he _____ the meeting.
(a) will attend
(b) shall attend
(c) attended
(d) would attend

38. If I were the Prime Minister of India I _____ Prohibition throughout the country.
(a) will introduce
(b) introduced
(c) would introduce
(d) should introduce

39. She said she was suffering from _____.
(a) a cold
(b) cold
(c) the cold
(d) some cold

40. He left for Singapore two weeks _____.
(a) before
(b) ago
(c) now
(d) since

41. Which one is spelt correctly?
(a) accommodate
(b) acomodate
(c) acommodate
(d) accomodate

42. Sheela _____ music since 7 a. m.
(a) had practised
(b) practised
(c) has been practising
(d) is practising

43. I cannot make outyour handwriting; it is very _____.
(a) illegitimate
(b) illegal
(c) illiterate
(d) illegible

44. Since when _____ this French beard?
(a) had you had
(b) have you had
(c) did you have
(d) are you having

45. A play _____ at the Town Hall next week.
(a) is being staged
(b) was staged
(c) had staged
(d) is staging

46. Don't give him a stick to beat you _____.
(a) by
(b) at
(c) without
(d) with

47. A person in charge of a museum is called a _____.
(a) custodian
(b) housekeeper
(c) curator
(d) registrar

48. A pair of shoes _____ all that the sage had at the time of his death.
(a) is
(b) was
(c) were
(d) are

49. I am committed to ____ him in his hour of need.
(a) help
(b) helping
(c) helped
(d) having helped

50. Allowance due to a wife from husband on separation is called
(a) matrimony
(b) parsimony
(c) alimony
(d) dowry

51. He wrote the answers _____ green ink.
(a) on
(b) with
(c) for
(d) in

52. Use one word for the underlined words: The dead body had to be taken from the ground for examination.
(a) dug
(b) exhausted
(c) exhumed
(d) explored

53. Dried food, hay, etc for horses and farm animals is referred to as
(a) salad
(b) fodder
(c) folder
(d) colt

54. The Chief Minister along with his cabinet colleagues _____ the Governor.
(a) meet
(b) have met
(c) has met
(d) had been met

55. A person regarded as a disgrace or failure by other members of his family or group is called a
(a) white elephant
(b) black sheep
(c) red herring
(d) prodigal son

56. A heart-specialist is usually known as a
(a) dermatologist
(b) ophthalmologist
(c) anaesthetist
(d) cardiologist

57. If a substance is capable of being seen through, you call it
(a) translucent
(b) transparent
(c) opaque
(d) refractory

58. The word nearest in meaning to chaos is
(a) order
(b) confusion
(c) disorder
(d) indiscipline

59. Mr Bush came to India one year _____
(a) ago
(b) before
(c) after
(d) around

60. The house was _____ during the owner's absence.
(a) stolen
(b) pilfered
(c) waylaid
(d) robbed

61. He usually _____ on me once a week.
(a) will call
(b) is calling
(c) call
(d) calls

62. Mr George is not here now. He_____ to Chennai.
(a) goes
(b) is gone
(c) has gone
(d) had gone

63. I am much senior to you, _____.
(a) aren't I?
(b) aren't you?
(c) amn't I
(d) isn't it?

64. I saw the man _____ a shop.
(a) enters
(b) enter
(c) entered
(d) enter into

65. If it rains, the match _____
(a) will be cancelled
(b) would be cancelled
(c) will have been cancelled
(d) will be cancelling

66. She is _____ MA in English literature.
(a) the
(b) an
(c) a
(d) any

67. He asked me where _____.
(a) lam going
(b) was I going
(c) I was going
(d) was I going

68. She is clever _____ finding excuses.
(a) on
(b) for
(c) on
(d) at

69. There _____ any news of him since he left home.
(a) isn't
(b) wasn't
(c) hasn't been
(d) hadn't been

70. She _____ home before you go to see her,
(a) leaves
(b) would leave
(c) will have left
(d) would have

71. If I _____ a lot of money, I would travel round the world.
(a) have  
(b) had
(c) am having  
(d) would have

72. They aren't taking _____ with them.
(a) many luggages
(b) much luggages
(c) much luggage
(d) a lot of 'wages .

73. I don't watch TV _____ l’ve got nothing else to do.
(a) unless
(b) provided
(c) in case
(d) as long as

74.How long _____ here?
(a) you are waiting
(b) are you waiting
(c) you have been waiting
(d) have you been waiting

75. It's time I _____ home.
(a) go
(b) will go
(c) went
(d) have gone

76. I _____ no trouble so far.
(a) have
(b) had
(c) have had
(d) am having 

77. _____ I was really tired, I couldn't sleep.
(a) even
(b) even though
(c) even if
(d) even when

78. A heavy gold necklace _____ around her neck.
(a) hung
(b) hanged
(c) was hanged
(d) hanging

79. I wish I _____ more time.
(a) had
(b) have
(c) will have
(d) would have

80. It has been raining cats and dogs all afternoon. Raining cats and dogs means
(a) raining intermittently
(b) raining heavily
(c) has stopped raining
(d) had rained

81. Kennel is a place for keeping _____
(a) bees
(b) cats
(c) dogs
(d) birds

82. One who acts as a middleman in buying and selling is known as a
(a) broker
(b) butcher
(c) bull
(d) bear

83. If you think or speak too much of yourself, you are
(a) an essayist
(b) a psychologist
(c) a philosopher
(d) an egotist

84. The opposite of benevolence is
(a) malevolence
(b) blessing
(c) belligerent
(d) benign

85. The young one of a horse is called a _____.
(a) Puppy
(b) fawn
(c) kid
(d) colt

86. Goats bleat; elephants _____.
(a) grunt
(b) trumpet
(c) bellow
(d) roar

87. A person whose abilities are hidden or unknown is called a
(a) dead horse
(b) white elephant
(c) dark horse
(d) pigeon

88. The teacher was angry _____ the pupils for making loud noises.
(a) at
(b) with
(c) over
(d) on

89. It is time you _____ in life.
(a) settled
(b) settle
(c) have settled
(d) had settled 

90. I did it with a view to _____ you.
(a) help
(b) have helped
(c) helping
(d) being helped

91. If you had been a little more careful, he _____ you.
(a) will not cheat
(b) will not have cheated
(c) had not cheated
(d) would not have cheated

92. The idiom lose heart means _____.
(a) break one's heart
(b) lose hope
(c) fall in love
(d) weep

93. The shepherd was leading a _____ of cattle to the meadow.
(a) group
(b) pack
(c) gang
(d) herd

94. Take an umbrella with you lest it _____.
(a) shall rain
(b) should rain
(c) will rain
(d) would rain

95. People _____ think that the earth was flat.
(a) were used to
(b) used to
(c) had used to
(d) had been used to

96. I wished I _____ him.
(a) never met
(b) would never meet
(c) had never met
(d) will never have met _____.

97. In a nut shell means
(a) very briefly
(b) in a detailed manner
(c) in an attractive way
(d) figuratively

98. The man complained to the police that his bicycle _____.
(a) is stolen
(b) was stolen
(c) has been stolen
(d) had been stolen

99. I have been working in this office _____ eight years now.
(a) since
(b) about
(c) during
(d) for

100. RADAR is _____.
(a) a synonym
(b) an antonym
(c) an acronym
(d) a pseudonym