English Grammar - Part 5

Choose the correct answer from the alternatives given:
1. I sent all my _____ by courier.
(a) luggage
(b) luggages
(c) stationeries
(d) clothings

2. They had lived _____ for over twenty years.
(a) in the abroad
(b) abroad
(c) aboard
(d) on board

3. If you feel tired, _____ down here for a while.
(a) laid
(b) lay
(c) lie
(d) lain

4. All the _____ in this room was purchased last month.
(a) furnitures
(b) furnishings
(c) furniture
(d) baggages

5. He always cracks _____.
(a) jokes
(b) funs
(c) wits
(d) humours

6. We _____ the rain will stop so that the match can be resumed.
(a) wish
(b) hope
(c) prayed
(d) presumed

7. The girl is very _____ for her age.
(a) height
(b) high
(c) tall
(d) tallness

8. In the shuttle badminton tournament, our college _____ the National College.
(a) beaten
(b) won
(c) beat
(d) won over

9. No sooner had we set out _____ it began to rain.
(a) than
(b) then
(c) when
(d) as

10. She did not _____ how old she was.
(a) tell
(b) told
(c) say
(d) said

11. They _____ to treat the guests.
(a) knew
(b) knew how
(c) had known
(d) had known how

12. Hardly had he gone to bed _____ there was aloud explosion.
(a) than
(b) then
(c) since
(d) when

13. "_____ me in your prayers."
(a) relieve
(b) release
(c) remember
(d) remind

14. We always _____ the brave.
(a) admire
(b) admire at
(c) wonder
(d) admiration for

15. He died _____ starvation.
(a) of
(b) from
(c) at
(d) since

16. Jawaharlal Nehru was an _____ statesman.
(a) imminent
(b) eminent
(c) impending
(d) immigrant

17. Wordsworth was an _____ poet.
(a) imagination
(b) imaginary
(c) imaginative
(d) imaging

18. Ratan Tata is a highly _____ industrialist.
(a) industrial
(b) industrious
(c) institutional
(d) imminent

19. The girl has a highly _____ growth of hair.
(a) luxury
(b) luxurious
(c) luxuriant
(d) luscious

20. Death is an _____ reality of life.
(a) ingenious
(b) ingenuous
(c) inevitable
(d) insipid

21. Do you know _____ has happened?
(a) which
(b) what
(c) when
(d) why

22. Can you practise _____ you preach?
(a) why
(b) where
(c) what
(d) as

23. You should not envy such a man _____ he.
(a) as
(b) who
(c) whom
(d) that

24 All _____ glitters is not gold.
(a) which
(b) what
(c) that
(d) why

25. I know the person to _____ you are alluding.
(a) who
(b) which
(c) what
(d) whom

26. This is the spot _____ the accident occurred yesterday.
(a) where
(b) why
(c) when
(d) as

27. Here is the book _____ I took from you.
(a) who
(b) whom
(c) whose
(d) that

28. Where is the boy _____ pocket was picked?
(a) whose
(b) where
(c) which
(d) who

29. A soldier should have a gun with _____ to fight.
(a) whom
(b) which
(c) that
(d) what had

30. I met a man _____ had just returned from the USA.
(a) whom
(b) as
(c) who
(d) when

31. He found the pen _____ he had lost.
(a) who
(b) where
(c) when
(d) which

32. The book _____ is lying on the table is mine.
(a) when
(b) which
(c) as
(d) what

33. This is the girl _____ father met with an accident last week.
(a) who
(b) whom
(c) where
(d) whose

34. My brother, _____ is a doctor, is in Austral ia now.
(a) that
(b) which
(c) who
(d) as

35. I gave him the money _____ he needed.
(a) that
(b) whom
(c) where
(d) as

36.Tell me the reason _____ you took so many days to call me.
(a) which
(b) that
(d) when

37. I will never forget the day _____ my mother died.
(a) that
(b) which
(c) where
(d) when

38. My cousin Ramu, _____ you met last week, is returning to the UK next Sunday.
(a) who
(b) whom
(c) that
(d) which

39. The chair _____ was broken has been repaired.
(a) which
(b) who
(c) whom
(d) as

40. The pen _____ is lying on the table belongs to my brother.
(a) where
(b) which
(c) that
(d) who

41. A posthumous award was given to the poet. Posthumousmeans
(a) postal
(b) after death
(c) creditable
(d) literary

42. Would you please rectify the mistake. Rectifymeans
(a) correct
(b) clarify
(c) condone
(d) regularise

43. The boy felt at home in the new situation. At homemeans
(a) happy
(b) uncomfortable
(c) attractive
(d) comfortable

44. Mulberry plantation is a prerequisite for sericulture. Sericultureis
(a) growing soft grass
(b) breeding silkworms
(c) growing cotton
(d) breeding shrimps

45. He is all industrious worker. Industrious means
(a) successful
(b) punctual
(c) sensible
(d) diligent

46. She had the nerve to suggest that I was cheating. Nervehere means
(a) strength
(b) capacity
(c) audacity
(d) courage

47. North Korea has been vigorously pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons programme. Clandestine means
(a) secretive
(b) systematic
(c) progressive
(d) nefarious

48. The study of mankind is known as _____.
(a) philology
(b) pathology
(c) physiology
(d) anthropology

49. I am sorry I cannot help you. I have _____ money with me.
(a) a little
(b) little
(c) few
(d) a few

50. l am lucky enough to get the post, _____ ?
(a) am I
(b) aren't I
(c) amn't I
(d) isn't it

51. You should abstain _____ alcoholic drinks.
(a) against
(b) on
(c) from
(d) for

52. The opposite of convict is _____.
(a) condemn
(b) pardon
(c) acquit
(d) convince

53. In recent times, the number of smokers _____ declining.
(a) is
(b) are
(c) have
(d) has

54. Petrol is a highly _____ liquid.
(a) inflationary
(b) inflammatory
(c) inflammable  
(d) inflatable

55. The girl _____ her father last month.
(a) has lost
(b) lost
(c) had lost
(d) have lost

56. A group of people _____ waiting outside to see you.
(a) are
(b) have
(c) be
(d) is

57. To lend a hand means _____.
(a) to praise
(b) to assist
(c) obstruct
(d) hand over

58. Time and tide _____ for no man.
(a) waits
(b) wait
(c) waited
(d) have waited

59. I have not seen him _____ we left college.
(a) after
(b) since
(c) for
(d) before

60. Had the driver been alert, the accident _____.
(a) will not happen
(b) would not happen
(c) had not happened
(d) would not have happened

61. Hardly had he left home _____ it began to rain
(a) than
(b) then
(c) when
(d) as

62. The murder was committed in cold blood. In cold bloodmeans
(a) innocently
(b) by mistake
(c) with a dagger
(d) deliberately

63. The field was even enough for the joggers to have their practice.
(a) plane
(b) plain
(c) plan
(d) plaine

64. Hema _____ her mother.
(a) takes after
(b) takes in
(c) takes to
(d) takes up

65. Little strokes _____ great oaks,
(a) fall
(b) fallen
(c) fell
(d) felt

66. A one-word substitute for the phrase bring to an ends is
(a) conduct
(b) compile
(c) compare
(d) conclude

67. Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Bone of contention means
(a) a cause of friendship
(b) a cause of quarrel
(c) a cause for cease fire
(d) a case of mistaken identity

68. His friends _____ unexpectedly.
(a) turned down
(b) turned up
(c) turned in  
(d) turned upon

69. He will be very angry _____ you don’t see him.
(a) until
(b) unless
(c) if
(d) if at all

70. Much water has _____under the London.
(a) followed
(b) flowed
(c) flown
(d) floated

71. I congratulated him _____ his brilliant success.
(a) on
(b) at
(c) for
(d) by

72. Farming is his vocation. 'Vocation' means
(a) hobby
(b) ambition
(c) occupation
(d) right

73. She is _____ honest girl.
(a) the
(b) a
(c) any
(d) an

74. A sentry must be _____.
(a) alive
(b) hostile
(c) rude
(d) alert

75. I prefer cycling _____ going there on foot.
(a) to
(b) rather
(c) than
(d) against

76. To construct a good house, choose a good  _____.
(a) sight
(b) cite
(c) site
(d) slight

77. It was an appalling event. Appalling means
(a) appealing
(b) annoying
(c) arrogant
(d) frightening

78. “Sweet are the uses of _____“
(a) adverb
(b) adversity
(c) audacity
(d) audibility

79. Time and tide _____ for no man.
(a) waited
(b) awaits
(c) waits
(d) wait

80. The young girl appeared self-possessed in front of TV cameras. Self-possessed means
(a) shy
(b) confident
(c) introvert
(d) extrovert

81. Real Estate is a lucrative business. 'Lucrative'means
(a) profitable
(b) dangerous
(c) challenging
(d) questionable

82. I am looking forward to _____ you soon
(a) see
(b) saw
(c) seen
(d) seeing

83. The former minister is under a cloud now. ‘Under a cloud' means
(a) in a sad situation
(b) under suspicion
(c) bed-ridden
(d) in oblivion

84.’A long face’ means
(a) a happy expression
(b) a pleasant face
(c) a sad expression
(d) an ugly face

85. The antonym of optimist is _____.
(a) pessimist
(b) atheist
(c) mystic
(d) sadist

86. A dog barks, a cat _____.
(a) croaks
(b) bleats
(c) grunts
(d) mews

87. The Principal pulled him up for misbehaviour. 'Pulled him up' means
(a) congratulated him
(b) scolded him
(c) beat him
(d) suspended him

88. My cousin has _____ a shop at Kottayam.
(a) put out
(b) set up
(c) set out  
(d) settled at

89. 'Brought out' means
(a) published
(b) gave birth to
(c) punished
(d) exposed

90. His doctor has advised him to _____ smoking.
(a) give in
(b) give out
(c) keep up
(d) give up

91. The landlord thought that he could keep his tenants in perpetual bondage. 'Bondage' means
(a) poverty
(b) unhappiness
(c) danger
(d) slavery

92. A congregation is an assembly of
(a) worshippers
(b) students
(c) legislatures
(d) rationalists

93. 'Panacea' means a cure for _____.
(a) all illnesses
(b) AIDS
(c) bird flu
(d) indigestion

94. If they had invited me, I _____ the wedding.
(a) will have attended
(b) would have attended
(c) would attend
(d) had attended

95. The male head of a family or tribe is called the
(a) matriarch
(b) patron
(c) patriarch
(d) matron

96. This is the corner _____ the accident occurred.
(a) which
(b) when
(c) as
(d) where

97. The faster you walk, _____ you reach the station.
(a) the quicker
(b) the quick
(c) the quickest
(d) quick

98. Prologue is the _____ part of a literary work.
(a) concluding
(b) introductory
(c) explanatory
(d) complimentary

99. I would not accept the offer if I _____ you.
(a) am
(b) was
(c) were
(d) had been

100. Replace the underlined words with a suitable word: God is present everywhere.
(a) omniscient
(b) omnipotent
(c) omnipresent
(d) immortal