Confusing Words in English

Affect: to pretend a feel or think something.
Effect: to bring about

Adverse: Hostile
Averse: harbouring dislike to

Accelerate: to increase the speed
Expedite: to assist and hasten the progress of

Application: the process of applying
Implication: meaning implied but not explicitly stated

Ancient: very old
Antique: old fashioned

Apprehend: to grasp
Comprehend: to understand fully

Assent: official concurrence or sanction
Ascent: climbing up
Amiable: lovable
Amicable: friendly

Adapt: make something suitable to or a purpose
Adopt: to take a person into a new relationship.

Apposite: relevant, suitable
Opposite: contrary

Allusion: reference
Illusion: false notion

Abstract: a brief summary
Extract: a passage taken from a book, etc.

Avert: to turn away, ward off
Invert: to turn upside down

Attenuate: smaller
Extenuate: to diminish, lessen

Accept: to receive with favour
Except: not included

Aught: anything
Ought: should

Advise: (Verb)
Advice: (Noun)

Affection: Love
Affectation: pretense or artificiality

Artful: cunning
Artificial: not natural

Artist: one who practices the fine arts, especially painting
Artisan: one who follows one of the useful crafts.

Accede: agree
Exceed: be greater than

Beside: by the side of
Besides: in addition to

Beneficial: useful
Beneficent: kind, doing good

Bridal: of bride or wedding
Bridle: control

Canon: a rule or principle.
Cannon: a heavy gun

Canvas: a tent
Canvass: to request votes

Council: an assembly of leaders, advisers etc
Counsel: advice

Corporal: Physical
Corporate: of or belonging to a body politic

Continual: frequent
Continuous: unceasing

Childlike: like a child
Childish: immature

Congenial: suitable, agreeable
Congenital: from birth

Capture: seize
Captivate: fascinate

Ceremonious: observing formalities
Ceremonial: connected with a ceremony

Collision: violent contact
Collusion: secret understanding in order to deceive somebody.

Compliment: expression of regard
Complement: full number required

Confident: sure
Confidential: trusted, secret

Comprehensive: exhaustive
Comprehensible: understandable

Confirm: ratify
Conform: comply with

Contagious: spreading by contact
Contiguous: adjoining, bordering

Dependent (Adjective)
Dependant (Noun)

Destiny: fate
Destination: goal

Dual: double
Duel: a combat between two persons

Disease: illness
Decease: death

Distinct: Separate
Distinctive: characteristic

Disposal: sale, getting rid of
Disposition: the particular type of character that a person generally has

Eligible: qualified
Illegible: unreadable

Elusive: difficult to describable, find, achieve or remember
Illusive: deceptive

Emigrate: to leave one’s country with a view to settling in a foreign country.
Immigrate: to come into a country to settle there

Eminent: Illustrious
Imminent: about to happen

Estimate: calculation
Estimation: opinion
Esteem: respect

Facilitate: make easy
Felicitate: congratulate

Fain: gladly
Feign: pretend

Flagrant: glaring, scandalous
Fragrant: sweet smelling

Graceful: full of grace
Gracious: full of Kindness

Imaginary: not real
Imaginative: gifted with imagination

Industrial: pertaining to industry.
Industrious: hard working
Ingenious: clever

Judicial: legal
Judicious: prudent

Junction: meeting place
Juncture: grave situation

Luxurious: given to luxury
Luxuriant: rich in growth

Momentary: Lasting for a moment
Momentous: very important

Masterful: imperious
Masterly: skillful

Metal: substance like iron, gold etc.
Mettle: quality, courage

Official: pertaining to an office.
Officious: offering service that is not wanted.

Popular: liked by the people.
Populous: thickly inhabited

Principal: chief
Principle: fundamental truth

Reverend: feeling reverence
Reverent: feeling reverence

Stationary: motionless
Stationery: writing materials

Sanguine: hopeful
Sanguinary: bloody

Verbal: relating to words
Verbose: wordy, prolix

Wave: brandish
Waive: relinquish